How to Backup PS3 Games – Backup and Burn Your PS3 Games

Want to backup, copy and burn PS3 Games but you don’t know how? In order to do this, you will need to have a copying software which takes out the protection from any PlayStation 3 game.

We both know that any PlayStation 3 games are protected, right? You are cool with that, but you also know that eventually your disks will get damaged or scratched, right? But, because of the protection that’s on it, you can’t backup, copy and burn any of your PS3 games, or can you?

How To Backup PS3 Games?

So as I’ve said before, you will need to have a copying software. But, which one is the best? I highly recommend you to take the Easy Backup Wizard.

This way, you’ll be able to backup, copy and burn any of your PlayStation 3 games because this software program will take out all the protection that’s on your games. This makes the way clear for you to make a backup from the PlayStation 3 game.

How Does This Backup PS3 Games Copying Software Works?

In order to successfully copy any PlayStation 3 game, you will need to have 4 things.

1 – The Easy Backup Wizard.
2 – A Burner in your PC.
3 – Original Ps3 Games.
4 – Empty Disks.

Once you’ve got all this, then สล็อต you will be able to copy your PS3 games with this software. But, how does it works? It works like this:

1 – You put in the Game disk.
2 – You load it and you make a back up from your games with the Easy Backup Wizard.
3 – Once that’s done, you take out the original game and replace it with an empty disk.
4 – Then simply burn the backup files and you’re done.

This is how easy it goes with the Easy Backup Wizard

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