Preparing a Popcorn Ceiling for Ceiling Tiles

There are two choices for putting roof tiles onto a popcorn roof. The least difficult choice is to introduce polystyrene or Styrofoam tiles over the current popcorn roof.

Getting ready for Styrofoam Tiles

In the event that you are adopting this strategy, you should be certain that the roof is both strong and stable. In the event that the surface isn’t reasonable, then the extra weight of the tile and glues might make the popcorn separate from the roof. In the event that the surface isn’t smooth, then the Styrofoam tiles will shape a lopsided layer and unfortunate completion.

In the event that the surface is appropriate, clear the room and put down defensive covers over the floor. Eliminate any light fittings from the roof, and clean the popcorn roof to eliminate residue and soil. Fill any critical breaks to ensure that the cement will stick well. Any chipping paint ought to be taken out cautiously so as not to harm the popcorn. The roof can be cleaned with a brush or vacuum cleaner to eliminate the residue and spider webs, with any messes eliminated with a clammy material.

Now that the roof is prepared, the Styrofoam tiles can be introduced by the producer’s guidelines.

Introducing a Drop Roof

A subsequent choice is to introduce a dropĀ roof. The framework for the drop roof can be introduced straight onto the popcorn roof utilizing the maker’s guidelines, setting aside time and cash in readiness. As the popcorn roof is completely covered up, no further planning work is required.

Eliminating a Popcorn Roof

The last choice is to eliminate the popcorn covering, and supplant with new tiles joined to the roof. This is a muddled work, which ought not be embraced delicately! You will require various apparatuses for this, for example,

Clay blade
Waterproof drop fabrics

The initial step is to decide the way in which old the popcorn is. In the event that it was introduced preceding 1980, quite possibly contains asbestos. Should this be the situation, it is prescribed that you look for proficient help to test and/or eliminate the popcorn.

Accepting that it is protected to continue, guarantee that the room is completely covered – both the floor and the walls. As the popcorn roof evacuation will utilize water, guarantee that the floor covering is waterproof.

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